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Oval Conference Table

RM 1,320.00Add to CartRM 540.00Add to CartRM 1,320.00Add to CartRM 665.00Add to Cart



ZY 360L-12S50

PG 110F-20D40

RM 995.50Add to CartRM 840.00Add to CartRM 935.00Add to CartRM 890.00Add to Cart

Vertical Filing Cabinet

Pigeon Hole Cabinet

Side Table Cabinet

Compartment Lockers

RM 375.00Add to CartRM 335.00Add to CartRM 230.00Add to CartRM 280.00Add to Cart

Tommy Bench

Woody Bench

Steely High Bar Chair

Steely Low Dining Chair

RM 427.00Add to CartRM 365.00Add to CartRM 475.00Add to CartRM 407.00Add to Cart

Barcelona Double-Seater (White)

Barcelona Single-Seater (Black)

Range series sofa - 2 pax

Range series sofa - 5 Pax

RM 2,620.00Add to CartRM 1,440.00Add to CartRM 1,040.00Add to CartRM 1,780.00Add to Cart

Normal Package 1

L-Shape Package 1

Normal Package 1

L-Shape Package 1

RM 2,520.00Add to CartRM 4,565.00Add to CartRM 895.00Add to CartRM 1,698.00Add to Cart

Compact Safe

Mobile Compactor

Avanguard Series Safe

Fire Resistant Cabinet

RM 2,680.00Add to CartRM 1,080.00Add to CartRM 5,200.00Add to CartRM 3,310.00Add to Cart

LEDATEK EU-800 Face Recognition Attendance Machine

LEDATEK BC-188i Thumbprint Machine

Additional Check Point

G-Tech G7 & T8

RM 1,499.00Add to CartRM 800.00Add to CartRM 99.00Add to CartRM 2,750.00Add to Cart


New York 2-Seater Bench

Long Bench (with Backrest)

Exam Table

RM 638.00Add to CartRM 583.00Add to CartRM 682.00Add to CartRM 220.00Add to Cart

Sandy Lounge Chair

Cheryl Lounge Chair

Miko Lounge Chair

Clam Lounge Chair

RM 1,530.00Add to CartRM 1,575.00Add to CartRM 825.00Add to CartRM 2,000.00Add to Cart

Medium Duty Metal Bed Frame

Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame

36 Column - Phone Locker

Metal Wardrobe

RM 420.00Add to CartRM 605.00Add to CartRM 3,630.00Add to CartRM 825.00Add to Cart

Kick Step Stool

Book Trolley

RM 430.00Add to CartRM 885.00Add to Cart  


Link 4 - 3 Seater

Link 2 - 3 Seater

RM 1,540.00Add to CartRM 1,345.00Add to CartRM 580.00Add to CartRM 490.00Add to Cart



ST-15C Paper Shredder

CT-10C Paper Shredder

RM 260.00Add to CartRM 219.00Add to CartRM 1,000.00Add to CartRM 495.00Add to Cart

PX7 RC18 Set

PX5 Reception Counter

RM 2,750.00Add to CartRM 2,310.00Add to Cart  

Boltless Racking

RM 253.00Add to Cart   

D 1

B 1

A 1

B 2

RM 1,265.00Add to CartRM 935.00Add to CartRM 475.00Add to CartRM 1,199.00Add to Cart

RM 1,000.00Add to Cart   

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